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  • Oct 11
    hosted by The Tribal Experience
    3 members
    The (Tribal) Experience is the festival that immerses you in the tribal belly dancing and all that surrounds it! A unique interaction space for dance and music lovers! This year our teachers are...Il...
  • Sep 27
    hosted by Inês Reis
    6 members
    Dance Show - Montijo - Portugal
  • El domingo 15 de Octubre, de 10:00 a 18:00, Os car Flores impartirá 7 horas de talleres en Acadèmia Dansa Alina Babayan. 10:00 a 13:00 3 horas de técnica, donde se resolverá: Musicalidad ( como ...
  • Sep 13
    hosted by Alina Babayan
    1 member
    Oscar Flores will stay 7 weeks in Barcelona, teaching at alina Babayan's School. An excellent opportunity to learn from this great international master before he starts his international tour! All ...
  • Sep 13
    hosted by Alina Babayan
    2 members
    Alina Babayan's Dance School will perform in Hakim's concert in Barcelona. Teachers Alina Babayan, Guillermo Nassim and Zahia with the Lion of Egypt!

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